Operation Blackout Chapter 6 Cheats!

Click on file 6. for Chapter 6 of Operation Blackout!

>>> Final Chapter

Listen closely Agent. Take these Anti-Lava Boots, and use them to sneak into Herbert’s Central Command room.

This is my final message. Herbert has found me. He is coming. The fate of the island rests on you–

6.1: Equip the Anti-Lava Boots

6.2: Sneak into Herbert’s Central Command room

6.3: Shut down the Solar Laser and save Club Penguin


Equip the Anti-Lava Boots, go to the Central Lock Down and enter the door!

Here is Herbert’s Central Command room! Oh no! The Director is trapped too!

Then click on the Solar Laser Computer!

Click “Yes” to access the Security Terminal!

Move the security blocks to get the pass-key to the lock.


Please evacuate the facility.

Herbert Security Clearance 6 will be added to your inventory!

A short video will play and you will know The Director’s true identity.

Most of you already guessed it but The Director is…

Once the video is finished, you will get a free furniture item, the Covert Agent Station!

Club Penguin is free!

Kudos to Club Penguin for making Operation Blackout so awesome!

That’s all for now!


-Dj Pingy8


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