Team French Club Penguin: Rob designer

Hi ice! As promised in the last  “Your Ideas” , I present to you a member of the team I chose to go to Rob, our designer, who greeted me with his usual smile in his mouth. Rob creates illustrations that are used on the website and in the game, for example, he has made ​​some badges to collect! Watch Rob in action: After the shoot, I asked him a few questions. The conversation was held next to his office, around a “cream soda” ;-): Rob, why did you choose to become a designer? I always liked to draw. When I was younger, I always had a pencil and a book under his arm to the caricature of friends. I can tell you that we had a good laugh sometimes! So when I realized that I could do my job, I did not hesitate! What do you like about your job? It is the creative side! I love seeing the things I draw come to life. Penguins are interesting to draw. For example, with a few strokes of the pen, you can make serious, happy, surprised and a little crazy!  Which is your favorite puffle?  Without hesitation, the yellow puffle! Me and him we understand … 🙂 This interview you liked? Do you think I should make someone else in the team? Send us your feedback! soon on the blog … or on the island! 😉


By Loustik005


That’s an awesome job to do!

-Dj Pingy8


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