Penguin Style Catalog January 2013!

The Penguin Style Catalog for January 2013 is finally here with ALL NEW clothing items for everyone!

penguin style catalog jan 2013 sneak peek

Page 1:

january 2013 1

Page 2:

january 2013 2

Page 3:

january 2013 3

Page 4:

january 2013 4

Hidden Items:

On page 2, click the lighter green tree next to the blue penguin for The Sea Breeze for 450 coins!

On page 3, click the snowflake on the pink penguin’s Jet Stilettos for the Silver Stilettos for 275 coins and click the black penguin’s right arm for the Squiggle Shoes for 200 coins!

On page 4, click the light green penguin’s skull on her shirt for the Cozy Orange Scarf for 200 coins!

-Dj Pingy8

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