Prehistoric Party 2013 Gary Meetup Time for German Servers

Hey people,

have you seen Gary the Gadget Guy already? Our inventive penguin waddles during the prehistoric party over the entire island. He directs the studies of prehistoric penguins and dinosaurs … and also running away from dinosaurs! 😉 I have here again a few times and servers that can help you identify and locate Gary:

gary meetup times german and english servers

21st January, 17:00 (Central European Time), Server Iglu

23rd January, 16:00 (Central European Time), Server Lawine

25th January, 17:15 (Central European Time), Server Gletscher

28th January, 15:30 (Central European Time), Server Handschuhe

30th January, 16:30 (Central European Time), Server Schneeflocke

Keep good eye out for Gary and tell me if you met him. Have fun!

Waddle On!

Your Federflink1
from Club Penguin Team


Thanks Federlink! Now it will be much easier for other penguins to find and track Gary!

-Dj Pingy8


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