| History of Club Penguin | January 2008 | The Winter Fiesta 2008 |

This will be a new segment on the Dj Pingy8 Club Penguin Blog and it’ll be called “History of Club Penguin”!

I’m not sure if this will stay on the blog but anyway, today I’ll be talking about January 2008, The Winter Fiesta. The Winter Fiesta 2008 was the second Fiesta event to be held on the island. The difference between The Winter Fiesta 2008 and The Winter Fiesta 2007 was the free item.

hocp 1

At the party, a pair of Festive Maracas was the free item unlike 2007 where it was the ordinary maracas. The Festive Maracas were found at the Night Club. Plenty of the rooms were decorated and the pin released at the time was the Sombrero Pin. There were no mascots for this event.

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-Dj Pingy8


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