Puffle Party 2013 Cheats!

The Puffle Party of 2013 is here with the ALL NEW Puffle Hotel!


For the event’s catalog, click the icon on the bottom-right!

rainbow puffle icon bottom right

There are some new items here including the Rainbow Puffle Costume and most of the items on the right.

new puffle party rainbow itmes

Welcome to the Puffle Hotel!

puffle hotel lobby

Click on the notice board near the puffle fountain for the tasks!

notice board

There are four tasks and once you complete all of the tasks you may receive the Bonus Item!

task board

Here is the Gym And Spa!

gym and spa

Walk to the treadmills with a puffle!

treadmills gym and spa

Task 1 is complete! We’ll have to wait a while foe the next task!

task 1 completo

Here’s the Roof!


You can walk right up to the Puffle Cannon but first. . . you need to complete the puffle tasks!

complete the tasks

There are also three limited edition emotes for this event!

three new emotes

Also, explore the island! There is many new places to discover and have fun!

-Dj Pingy8


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