| History of Club Penguin | April 2008 | April Fools’ Party 2008 |

Welcome back to “History of Club Penguin”. Today we will be talking about April 2008, ” April Fools’ Party 2008″!

The April Fools’ Party 2008 was the third April Fool’s party on Club Penguin. The party had many strange and weird things going on including a pencil sketch of the Dojo and the Boiler Room becoming an actual boiling room. There was even a checklist of what the Club Penguin Team added at the event! There were two free items and the party, the Red Propeller Cap found at the Ski Village and the Swirly Glasses at the Cove!

april fools party 2008 sport shop negative

This as the only April Fools’ event that the Sport Shop was decorated in. Also, during CPIP, players would become a green puffle instead of a penguin, however, it was only for CPIP servers. During this party, if you looked through the binoculars at the Cove, it would change the sky from day to night!

¡sןooɟ ןıɹdɐ ¡ʇsod ”uınƃuǝd qnןɔ ɟo ʎɹoʇsıɥ“ s’ɥʇuoɯ sıɥʇ pǝʎoɾuǝ noʎ ɟı ʍoןǝq ʇuǝɯɯoɔ.

-Dj Pingy8


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