Card-Jitsu Snow 2013 Cheats!

Card-Jitsu Snow 2013 is finally here!

Once you first log on, this page will come up. The time has come . . . Join the battle to master snow. You can also collect the Snow Headband and the Snow Training Plates (Members Onlyfor free! Click “Go There”!

log on screen

By clicking “Go There”, you will be transferred to the Dojo Courtyard and Sensei will talk!

sensei talks dojocourt 1

sensei talks dojocourt 2

sensei talks dojocourt 3

Snow Starter Deck has been added to your inventory.

snow starter deck added to inv

There are new “Card-Jitsu Saga”, “My Cards” and “My Progress” pages added!

my progress page

my cards page

card jitsu saga page

Now lets enter the Dojo!


Now enter through the Snow Dojo door!

snow door

Here is the Snow Dojo!

snow dojo

It’s time to battle the snow minions!!

battle snow minions

Choose Your Element!

choose your element







Once you’ve decided what ninja you’re going to play as, click “Play”!

cjs gameplay

Exceptional skills! I’ve unlocked the first video of the Card-Jitsu Saga!

exceptional skills end of cjs game

The first video of the Card-Jitsu Saga is called “Long Long Ago”!

first video of cj saga

At the Town, you can click the snow scroll at the bottom-right of the screen for a catalog!

scroll thing

Here is the catalog with member and non-member items!


There are now four brand new limited time emoticons for the event!

emotes new four now like wut

Also, explore the island! There is many new places to discover and have fun!

-Dj Pingy8


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