Monsters University Takeover 2013 Cheats!

The Monsters University Takeover 2013 is finally here!

Once you first log on, this page will come up. Join a fraternity or sorority. You can choose from Oozma Kappa, Roar Omega Roar, Python Nu Kappa, and Jaws Theta Chi! Once you decide what you’re going to join, you will get a free hat!

login page and free hats

Here is the Snow Forts!

snow forts

Once you walk through the Monsters University entrance, you will arrive at the Campus Quad!

campus quad

Then walk through the archways on the right and you will arrive at the Amphitheater!


Click on the “Scare Challenge” banner above the bed to compete in the Scare Games!

scare challenge w bed

Earn Scare Points for your fraternity.

scare games page


Use your arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.

scare games 1

There are other obstacles in the game like air balloons!

scare games 2

I’ve earned 325 scare points me and Oozma Kappa!

sg finished

You can also spend your points on items in the Monsters University Catalog by clicking on the scare meter at the top-right corner!

scare meter

mu catalog jun 27

When wearing any item from the Monsters University Catalog, press “” to roar! When scaring another penguin, you will earn one point!


There are also 6 brand new limited time emoticons for the event!

6 new emotes limited

Also, explore the island! There is many new places to discover and have fun!

-Dj Pingy8


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