| History of Club Penguin | July 2008 | Music Jam 2008 |

Welcome back to “History of Club Penguin”. Today we will be talking about July 2008, ” Music Jam 2008″!

The Music Jam 2008 was the first Music Jam in Club Penguin. The event began on July 25th to July 30th but the deadline was extended to August 5th. The logo for the Music Jam was a jar of jam with the Music Jam 2008 symbol on it. The Music Jam came back in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The free items at the party were a Music Jam T-Shirt available at the Plaza and a Pair of Maracas at the Cove. There were also more shirts themed with all the different music stages that members could buy at the Snow Forts, along with the Backstage Pass which was needed to get into the Backstage.

music jam 2008 ski village

Everyday, the Dock’s main stage would change to a different style of music, such as classical or pop. There was also an applause button added to the right of the chat bar. This was the first appearance of the Penguin Band as mascots. It was also the first appearance of their original look. The game DJ3K was released at the beginning of this event.

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-Dj Pingy8


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