Star Wars Takeover 2013 Cheats!

The Star Wars Takeover 2013 is finally here!

Once you first log on, the  Star Wars Takeover video will be played. After the video is done, you will appear inside of the Millenium Falcon! You will see Cadence dressed up as Princess Leia. Click on her!

millenium falcon inside

Here is what she will say:

princess cadence 1

After talking to her, the quest map will appear next to the moderator badge!

quest map

Once you click on it, this page will come up! You can choose to go to Tatooine, the Millenium Falcon or Club Penguin! You can go to the Death Star once it’s unlocked on August 1st and Yavin 4 on August 8th!

planet page

At the bottom-right of the page you will see an Equip Lightsaber button for members! If you click the button, it will show that Anakin’s Lightsaber will be added to your inventory! Then Obi-Wan Sensei will talk to you!

obi wan sensei 1

obi wan sensei 2

obi wan sensei 4

After talking to Obi-Wan Sensei, your Jedi Master Journey will begin! To duel other Jedi, equip your Lightsaber and press D. The more duels you win, the more items you will unlock!

jedi master journey

To unlock more items, win 30 duels!

win 30 duels to unlock the items more

We are now ready to go to Tatooine! Mission Part 1: Defeat the Stormtroopers and save Tatooine.

mission part 1

We are now on Tatooine! You can click on the Tatooine Map to navigate around and click on the Stormtroopers to battle!


Once you click on Defeat Stormtroopers, you will be able to play Level 1 of the Stormtroopers Game!

stormtroopers game

To play the game, aim and use your spacebar or mouse to shoot. Use arrow keys to take cover!

spacebar and mouse


Well Done, Rebel Penguin! You have completed LEVEL 1!

well done rebel penguin

After finishing all the levels, Princess Cadence will speak to you!

princess cadence 2

Let’s now look at the new Star Wars Takeover Catalog!

catalog 1

catalog 2

catalog 3

There are also 3 brand new limited time emoticons for the event!

3 new emotes yay

Also, explore the island! There is many new places to discover and have fun!

-Dj Pingy8


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