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Welcome back to “History of Club Penguin”. Today we will be talking about August 2008, the ”Fall Fair 2008″!

The Fall Fair was a festival-like event in Club Penguin That was held from September 26th to October 6th and was one of the most highly-anticipated parties of the year. In the party, penguins could earn tickets from different carnival games and afterwards spend them on certain prizes. In continuation of the party, the Bonus Game Room was added as a temporary party room. The standard prizes that you could obtain were the Blue Cotton Candy available for 600 tickets, the Feathered Tiara for 1200 tickets, the Lollipop for 1000 tickets, the Giant Green Sunglasses for 1000 tickets, the Carousel Background for 400 tickets, the Paddle Ball for 1500 tickets and finally the Yellow Balloon Pin for 100 tickets. The Blue Cotton Candy, the Carousel Background and the Paddle Ball were added on October 1st 2008.

fall fair 2008 cove

The member prizes that you could obtain were the Teddy Bear for 2000 tickets, the Giant Yellow Sunglasses for 1000 tickets and the Candy Apple for 800 tickets. There were no mascots and no free items at this party. This was the last Fall Fair since Club Penguin changed the name to The Fair due to penguins living in the southern hemisphere and were living in Spring. This was also the last fair to have prizes cost more than 750 tickets.

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-Dj Pingy8


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