Medieval Party 2013 Potion of Ultimate Mega Dragon Now Available!

The Potion of Ultimate Mega Dragon is now available! Once you log on, Gary will speak to you!

gary 5

This one is the best to be. So hold your breath and count to three!

potion of ultimate mega dragon

Before creating the Potion of Ultimate Mega Dragon, Gary will give you the final ingredient to complete this potion, The Golden O’Berry!

gary 16

making 10

The Potion of Ultimate Mega Dragon is complete!

gary 17

Time to transform!

transform time 9

I am now an Ultimate Mega Dragon!

ultimate mega dragon

Once you have completed all of the potions, you will earn three free new items! The Wizardly Hat available for non-members and the Wizardly Jacket and Magical Wand available for members!

free new items

This Medieval Party has been great! I like that it’s a little bit different than the other Medieval parties we’ve had! 😀

-Dj Pingy8


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