| History of Club Penguin |October 2008 | Halloween Party 2008 |

Welcome back to “History of Club Penguin”. Today we will be talking about October 2008, the ”Halloween Party 2008″!

The Halloween Party was an event that took place from October 28th until November 2nd 2008. The special party room was the Secret Lab which was only available to members who had bought the Rad Scientist costume in the Penguin Style Catalog. Gary also made appearances at the party in the Secret Lab. To get into the Secret Lab, you would have to obtain the Rad Scientist costume, then go into the Book Room and click on the glowing green candle. This would cause the book shelf beneath it to open up and reveal stairs leading down to the Secret Lab. The free item in the Secret Lab was a Lantern. A storm also occurred during the event causing damage to the Dojo. There was also a Scavenger Hunt during the party. To participate in the Scavenger Hunt, you needed to get the Pumpkin Basket which was a free item in the Snow Forts. You needed to find 8 different types of candy around the island. The prize for completing the Scavenger Hunt was the Giant Pumpkin Background.

halloween party 2008 pizza parlor old

This is the first party to have a stormy sky. The sky in your igloo was also turned to night time for this event. This was the first time that Gary had made an appearance as a mascot at the party. Lightning struck the Dojo and left a big hole in the roof. Penguins could enter through the hole and into the Dojo Courtyard where a mysterious penguin, later to be revealed as Sensei, could be located.

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-Dj Pingy8


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