Operation Puffle 2013 Mission: Rescue Purple Puffle!

The Mission Rescue Purple Puffle is here!

map purple p

Here is the River Cave!

river cave 2

Click on the purple puffle in the hole!

prple puff in hole

Rescue puffles to remove their brain boxes and collect a color chip. Catch all five if you can!

puffle chase 10

Instructions: Press the lower arrow key to slide.

puffle chase instruct

running 10

You saved 5 puffles! You retrieved the purple chip!

you saved 10

Once you have collect all 10 chips, Gary will speak to you!

gary 3

A door has opened in the Ice Falls!

herberts lair entrance yo omg

Oh no!

herbert 1

herbert 2

herbert 3

herbert 4

herbert 5

First, click on the air vent to open it!

vent opened

Then get to other side without getting hurt by the steam!

vent through

Now click on the machine!


Shutdown Sequence: Place all color chips in correct slots. Press button below.

place chips


done chips all

The puffles have escaped!

herbert 6

It’s a stampede of puffles!

get him

The Director will then speak to you!

director 4

Congratulations! you have completed Operation Puffle! 😀

-Dj Pingy8

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