| History of Club Penguin |December 2008 | Christmas Party 2008 |

Welcome back to “History of Club Penguin”. Today we will be talking about December 2008, the ”Christmas Party 2008″!

The Christmas Party was a party in Club Penguin that was held on December 19th until December 29th. It was one of the biggest events of the year. All of the rooms in Club Penguin were decorated, even rooms such as the PSA HQ, Lodge Attic and the Underground were decorated too. The Christmas Party, including Coins For Change, Rockhopper and the free items caused most of the servers in Club Penguin to become full. The Dance Lounge was decorated as Santa’s Workshop and the Dock was decorated as an ice skating area. The Dance Lounge had a picture of the elf of the month and many members had bought the Elf Hat and all of the elf clothing. The Beacon had a red bulb for the party. Even the Migrator was decorated. The Mine Shack had turned into a gingerbread house and on the Iceberg, there was a small tree that when you had clicked on it, it grew larger and larger.

christmas party 2008 dance lounge

There were three free items at the party. The Santa Hat at the Snow Forts, the Santa Beard at the Ski Village and the Bell at the Beach and Plaza. This was the first party in Club Penguin to decorate the PSA HQ. This was also the final Christmas Party to have the word ”Christmas” in its name. This was the last Christmas Party to have a sky.

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-Dj Pingy8


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