Holiday Party 2013 Cheats!

The Holiday Party 2013 is finally here! Once you log on, Rockhopper will speak to you!

rockhopper 1

rockhopper 2

After you have spoken with Rockhopper, this icon will appear in the top-right corner of the screen next to the moderator badge!

icon globe and coin fish

If you click on that icon, this page will come up which will allow you to donate coins or purchase a train. (Members Only) You can also click on the icons to the left for information about the projects that you can unlock!

purchase train or donate page

project 1

You can donate from 100 coins to even 10,000 coins!


Once you have donated your coins, you will receive the 2013 CFC Pin!

cfc pin 2013

When purchasing a train, there are 4 trains that you can choose from. The Holiday Express, The Puffle Premier, The Sweet-Tooth Special and The Rainbow Zephyr each for 400 coins! (Members Only)

purchasing le train

I have now equipped The Holiday Express!

the holiday express equipped

Now enter the CFC Train Station!

cfc train station

Here is the CFC Train Station!

cfc train station fo reals

With your equipped train, go to the right!

go to the right

Instructions: Hit the items above you with snowballs to get coins!

riding on training

There is also a catalog for this event!

Page 1:

page 1

Page 2:

page 2

Page 3:

page 3

There are also 3 brand new limited time emoticons for the Holiday Party 2013!

3 new emotes yall

Also, explore the island! There are many new places to discover and have fun!

-Dj Pingy8

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