Prehistoric Party 2014 Dino Puffle Available!

The Red Triceratops Dino Puffle is now available!

dig for eggs

dino dig 4

You dug up an egg!

you dug up an egg 4

I can now equip the Red Triceratops dino puffle egg and also collect the Prehistoric Kite!

red triceratops dino puffle get

I have now equipped the Red Triceratops dino puffle egg!

red triceratops dino puff egg equipped

You can heat your egg on a hotspot three times to hatch it!

hotspot 4

My Red Triceratops dino puffle has hatched!

dino puffle hatch 4

It’s a triceratops dino puffle!

red triceratops dino puffle

Here is the Adoption Certificate!

adoption certificate 4

Come back Jan. 31 for a new dino puffle!

come back jan 31

-Dj Pingy8


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