About Me

I am a boy and my username on Club Penguin is Dj Pingy8. I have started playing Club Penguin in July 2007 and I have had many great adventures since then. My other account was Dj Pingy2 but I can no longer access that account :(. My favorite penguin on Club Penguin is Rookie. Club Penguin has changed very much since 2007 like the Stage, EPF Spy Phones and so on! One day I will be able to tell others about the great history of Club Penguin!
Email me at djpingycpcheats@gmail.com

-Dj Pingy8


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love This Website WoW You did Great My penguin is name on Club Penguin is Zilly2112 my name is Katherine in Real Life but people call me Katie for short but I Like being called Katherine and my brother Likes me being called Katherine Too If You Have your Own E-mail then Mabye you can E-mail me my E-mail is katiekling@optonline.net

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