Card-Jitsu Snow Update: Bug Fixes

Hey Penguins,

Thanks for the awesome feedback on your Card-Jitsu Snow experience so far! We have been working day and night over here at HQ to continiously improve gameplay for you.

A few of you have run into some bugs while playing the game. We have heard you! Here are some of the pesky bugs we are working on squashing:

  • #10533 – Players are sometimes stuck on loading screens when attempting to enter gameplay.
  • #10648 – When entering Card-Jitsu Snow, the player encounters a black or partially black screen.
  • #10654 – Upon picking a Snow/Fire/Water ninja, players will sometimes recieve an error message.

Remember, you can always go here to report a bug you have found.  We always appreciate your feedback!

On another note, Field Friday will start at 2:30pm today on the server Fjord. Can’t wait to check out everyone’s awesome igloos!

Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


Thanks for squashing these bugs Polo Field! :mrgreen:

-Dj Pingy8