Club Penguin It’s Your Birthday ft. Jordan Fisher on Club Penguin Homepage!

Club Penguin’s newest song, It’s Your Birthday ft. Jordan Fisher, is on the Club Penguin homepage and it’s free to download!


-Dj Pingy8


New Music Video: It’s Your Birthday!

Hello Penguins!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 whole years! Club Penguin has grown into a truly AMAZING community that I am proud to be a part of. Everything we do wouldn’t be possible without the enthusiasm and support of all of you.

To show our appreciation, we’ve created a special Birthday music video! We asked Club Penguin veteran Jordan Fisher to sing guest vocals on the song (which is available as a free download here.)

We wanted to make this special by featuring YOU — the Club Penguin community — in the video.  Remember, it’s YOU that makes Club Penguin the special place that it is… 365 days a year. So this video is dedicated to YOU — the Club Penguin players!

Here’s to another year of awesomeness! Don’t forget to share your most memorable moment from the past 8 years in the comments below, and on behalf of the entire Club Penguin Team…

Waddle on!

By Polo Field


Nice! 🙂

-Dj Pingy8

Album Release Party

Hey Penguins!

As you know, we just released the very first Club Penguin album. So we decided that it’s time to have a little celebration online!

Every week, I log on with a few friends for a little event we call #FieldFriday. Here are the details for this week’s special Album Release Party

album release party

Join us on the server Cold Snap tomorrow (Friday, February 15) at 11am Penguin Standard Time. Make sure you wear your Bling-Bling Necklace and get ready to dance!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


Awesome! Everyone who attends will have a great time!

-Dj Pingy8

Club Penguin Album Out Now!

Hi Penguins!

Guess what? It’s February 12, and that means… the very first Club Penguin album is out NOW! We’re so excited!

cp album out now

The Party Starts Now!


  1. The Party Starts Now
  2. Anchors Aweigh
  3. Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
  4. Cool In The Cold
  5. Puffle Party (Gotta Have A Wingman)
  6. Dubstep Puffle

The CD is available to purchase in stores like Wal-Mart and Target in the United States. Every copy of the CD comes with an exclusive code to unlock the Bling-Bling Necklace for your penguin! Check out the new special dance…

For other places like Canada or the UK, you can buy the album through digital download. To receive the virtual item with a digital download, follow these steps:

  1. Forward us the email receipt received from iTunesGoogle Play or Amazon. Email the receipt to support@clubpenguin.comand…
  2. Include your Penguin Name in the email!
  3. Once we have verified the purchase, you’ll be sent a Code with instructions on how to get the Necklace item
  4. Enter the code on the Unlock Items page on
  5. Log in and dance! wink

What’s your favorite song on the Club Penguin album, and what do you like best about it?

Until then… Rock On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


Awesome! The special move for the Bling Bling Necklace is cool! 🙂

-Dj Pingy8