Gold Puffle Quest

Hello Penguins!
The gold puffle has been discovered… Now it’s time for members to go out and adopt one!
gold puffle quest
Wondering where to begin your journey?
First, you’ll want to walk one of your puffles to the Pet Shop and buy a Gold O’berry (there’s a giant machine with the Gold O’berry bush growing inside!). When your puffle eats the Gold O’berry they’ll start digging up gold nuggets! Dig up 15 gold nuggets and you can activate the gold jackhammer in the Gold Mine. Attracted by all those gold nuggets, the gold puffle will emerge from the earth’s crust!
Gold puffles are extremely lucky and can dig up more coins and even rare gold items.
Now go forth and discover those puffles!
-Club Penguin Team
By Polo Field
I really like how the gold puffles dig up the rare gold items! 🙂
-Dj Pingy8

Gold Puffle Quest 2013!

The Gold Puffle Quest is here! To start the quest, go to the Pet Shop with a puffle!

pet shop

Insert coins below to feed your puffle a gold O’berry, walk your puffle anywhere to dig up gold nuggets and bring the gold nuggets to the Gold Mine to activate the jackhammer!

insert 10

After feeding your puffle a gold O’berry, your puffle will start finding gold nuggets!

found gold nuggs

Dig up 15 gold nuggets!

dig up 15

After you have found all 15 gold nuggets, go to the Gold Mine to activate the jackhammer!


Here we are at the Gold Mine!

gold mine

You can click on the jackhammer to activate it!


gold pu

You found a gold puffle!


Congratulations! The gold puffle also comes with it’s very own toy!

congrats yol

Here is what the gold puffle looks like!


-Dj Pingy8