Cream Soda Hunt Island Adventure Party

Here are the cheats on how to complete the Cream Soda Hunt. First, go to the Plaza or Town and click the brown note. When you open it, it will say “MISSING”. Click the “Go there” Button at the bottom and it will take you to the Pizza Parlor. Then click the note near the Kitchen Door, it will tell you to go to the Migrator.

(I have already done the Cream Soda Hunt so that is why the notes are  gone)

The Migrator:
Go down into the ship’s Hold and collect your Eyepatch Pin and read the note. It will tell you to go to the Iceberg.

The Iceberg:
At the Iceberg, Throw snowballs at the figure at the bottom left until its spits out a Telescope Pin. Click on the telescope and it will reveal a note that tells you to go to the Dock.


The Dock:
When you are at the Dock, you will see a brown Navy Ship that will get destroyed by a box. You will have to repair it in order to continue the Cream Soda Hunt.
1st step is the bottom part of the Ship.
2nd step is the top part of the ship.
3rd step is the bottom part of the ship which is near the bottom right.
4th step is the floorboards of the ship.
5th step is the wooden steps.
6th step is the left sail.
7th step is the right sail.
Final step is the wooden stick.
Then you should find a feather pin and another note.



The Tree Forts:
The Tree Forts are located at the Forest.You will have to climb up the ladder. First you will have to click the drums in this order: Yellow, Light Blue,Yellow, Yellow, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Yellow Orange, Dark Blue. Then a Old Key Pin and a note will fall into the large nest.


The Cove:
The Quest ends here. Get your hard hat and start drilling on the big red “X”. Your treasure will be the Continental Hat. Enjoy!

-Dj Pingy8