Reviewed By You: Robots!


Last week we asked why you think Herbert stole the hot sauce. It’s amazing to see what skilled agents like you can come up with – we got a ton of brilliant theories! This is what Echo006 thinks Herbert is up to:

I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce, so he could heat up the island from underground, therefore melting all the snow on our island! I think that Herbert has many plans: he will smash all of our igloos, he will shovel all the snow away and he will tip the iceberg. This will cause chaos, so that’s why we need the EPF!

Absolutely, Echo006! Whatever Herbert’s up to, we’re going to need highly skilled agents to stop him. We’ve added 10,000 coins to your account!


rev by you robots

Now, let’s talk robots! Super Villains are busy building their robot forces.

Now we want to know, if you could make a robot, what would it look like? And what kinds of things could it do?

We’ll pick one of our favorite robo-comments to post on the blog next week!

Waddle On…
-Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


If I could build a robot, It would have giant claws and it would jump really high! 😉

-Dj Pingy8


Reviewed By You: Herbert’s Master Plan

Hey Penguins,

Last week we asked what you think is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe. Wow! Did you ever have some amazing ideas!! Check out what indigofire14 wrote:

I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is invisibility. No sense can be more fooled than sight! Also, when you’re fighting supervillains, the element of surprise is on your side. They’ll never see you coming. Ninja power! 

Invisibility would DEFINITELY be useful for taking down Super Villains. Well put, indigofire14!

rev by you herberts master plan

Now we have a question for the agents out there. ALL NON-AGENTS STOP READING. NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

What is Herbert up to?! Tell us why you think Herbert stole the hot sauce, and what you think he’s planning next. We’ll pick one of our favorite comments and feature it on the blog next week. If yours is chosen, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account.

Thanks to all the amazing elite agents who solved the mission!

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


Maybe the reason Herbert stole the sauce was to melt the island!

-Dj Pingy8

Operation Hot Sauce On Now!


Attention agents,

The first ever EPF in-world mission is on now.

operation hot sauce on now

Get out there. Pick up clues. Track the thief. Solve the case. Then tell us your favorite part!

Waddle On, agents.
-Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


My favorite part of Operation Hot Sauce was the puzzle that you had to solve to open the door and I really liked all the details put into to Herbert’s lair! 😀

-Dj Pingy8

New EPF Message!

New EPF message from Gary! This is the first EPF message with the new spy phone!

apr 6

” A highly unstable, flammable substance was stolen from the Pizza Parlor! This could have exceedingly devastating consequences. I repeat. This is bad.”



It’s ok Gary, we’ve already took care of it!

-Dj Pingy8

Operation Hot Sauce 2013 Cheats!

The Pizza Party has been cancelled and all the pizza is missing!

cove pizza is missing

Click on the new spy phone!

new epf phone spy

NEW MISSION Report to the Command Room immediately. Click “Go There”.

new mission report to comm room immed

It will transfer you to the Command Room.

epf command room

Click on the screen and you’ll receive your mission briefing brought to you by the Director.

mission briefing

On the last page of the mission briefing, click “Accept”.

last page mission briefing

You’ll notice that a briefcase icon has been placed on the top-right of your screen. It’s for holding items, like the inventory for the PSA missions a while back.

opened briefcase icon

Then go to the Pizza Parlor. Talk to Jet Pack Guy.

jet pack guy talk to

Jet Pack Guy will explain what’s happening around here and say that Rookie is at the Cove. He’ll also tell you to look around for clues.

jet pack guy talking scene

Grab some hot sauce and the fur for evidence. It will be put into your briefcase!

hot sauce and fur

Gary will then talk to you and tell you to use the TraceTracker 3000! Note: If you’re a non-member, you will have to wait six hours until you can continue!

gary talking scene

Open your spy phone to Gadgets, insert the evidence, and turn it on. Then scan the area for traces of the thief’s movements.

insert gadgets evidence

Once you’ve finished inserting the evidence into your spy phone, the TraceTracker 3000 will turn on!

tracetracker 3000 on

You’ll then have to follow Herbert and Klutzy’s footprints.

green herbert and klutzy footprints tt 3000

The footprints will lead you to the Beach where a secret door will come up from the water.

secret door

To enter, you must keep clicking the blue shapes on your spy phone until the red lights on the door become green.

secret door code

The door will open.

secret door open

You will hear Herbert talking about his plans.

herbert lair

Click on the pizza and throw it on the button that says “FLOOD”. Klutzy will chase the pizza and press the switch. Poor Klutzy 😉 .

klutzy in trouble

Herbert’s lair is flooded!

herbert lair flooded

After that you will end up at the Cove!

rookie at cove talk scene

You will then speak to the Director.


You’ll then be rewarded with 5 medals and an Operation Hot Sauce Background!


If you look through the binoculars at the Cove, you can see Herbert and Klutzy!


You can also do this mission again, to earn more medals!

-Dj Pingy8