New EPF Message!

New EPF message from Gary!

feb 1

“Terrible news! I accidentally fixed the temporal distortion. Things are back to normal. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to break it again someday!”



Maybe next time Gary, maybe next time . . .

-Dj Pingy8


Daffodaily5’s Featured Fashions: January 28th!

Hiya time travellers!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Prehistoric Party as much as I have!  When I wasn’t running away from dinosaurs, I managed to find some epic Featured Fashions; who knew caveguins could be so fabulous!

StevenHappy’s outfit is epic! Dino bones + a fishing rod + skis = perfectly random! Although, those night vision goggles make me wonder… Doyouthinkhesaurus? 😉

featured fashions january 28 #1

Next we have RubyPark, who looks so glamorous in this prehistoric party dress! The Diva Sunglasses finish the outfit off lava-ly!

featured fashions january 28 #2

Thanks to Blazer Boy2 for nominating his buddy Fe1834! This is the ultimate caveguin rock star oufit! You look dino-mite!

featured fashions january 28 #3

Lastly, check out the T-Rexcellent style of Nerdysk8er (nominated by Theblackout2). The hair looks ace with this animal print! Loving the necklace… Brill bones XD

featured fashions january 28 #4

That’s it from me this week guys! Sorry for the bad dino jokes, I couldn’t resist hehe! Nominate your fashionable friends and your theme suggestions in the comments below!

Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Daffodaily5


Those are awesome costumes! 🙂

-Dj Pingy8

Meet Gary The Gadget Guy!

Hi cave penguins! Dinosaurs invade the present time! According to Gary, the risks to the space-time are major! He needs our help twice: to study the lives of dinosaurs and to return them once and for all in prehistory!

meet gary the gadget guy french servers

I found a few hours to visit Gary:

  • Friday, January 25 : Yeti – 8:30 Club Penguin
  • Saturday January 26 : Yeti – 2:00 Club Penguin
  • Saturday January 26 : Yeti – 8:00 Club Penguin
  • Sunday January 27 : Snow Day – 3:30 Club Penguin
  • Sunday January 27 : Snow Day – 8:00 Club Penguin

* The official time is given to Club Penguin Snow Forts (France time = time + 9 Club Penguin, Quebec time = time + 3h Club Penguin)

I also tell you soon! I also tell you soon!



Thanks for some more times to meet Gary Loustik!

-Dj Pingy8