Daffo’s Final Daily Visit: Red Nose Day!


Today is the last of my daily visits! Your support has been so brill! Thank you to everybody who has helped me raise awareness for Red Nose Day. Guess what…? It’s TODAY!!

daffos final daily visits red nose day

To celebrate, let’s have a huge fundraising concert at The Lighthouse! Who wants to be in my band? I’m going to need drummers, guitarists and even tuba players! But most importantly I’d love you all to be RED!

I’ll see you on the server Blizzard at 4pm GMT smiley

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Daffodaily5


Happy Red Nose Day! I hope it was fun! :mrgreen:

-Dj Pingy8


Reviewed By You: Penguin Jokes

Hello Penguins!

The Hollywood Party’s about to wrap! Thanks to all the Superstars and Directors— you made this party one to remember! Last week we wanted to know which movie stage was your favoritePup2602 picked High-Speed Getaway, saying:

High Speed Getaway is my favorite. I like the car you drive. The helicopter you fly is awesome. The fire shooting in the air as you fly is cool. But my favorite part is jumping out of the house. It’s super cool and the window gets a penguin shape in it when you jump. And the house looks super cool. Plus, if you get some penguins to play there, you can do the real movie!

Thanks for that, Pup2602! The team loves hearing what you think of the movie stage.
rev by you penguin jokes

Now it’s time to get silly for Red Nose Day! Head to the Coffee Shop to get a free item… a red nose like mine!

But before you go, tell us your favorite penguin joke in the comments. It could be one you’ve heard or something you made up. We’ll pick one that makes us laugh and feature it next week. The featured jokester will get 10,000 coins!

Waddle On!
– Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


The Red Nose Day free item is awesome! Make sure you get the Red Nose at the Coffee Shop!

-Dj Pingy8