Club Herbert Update!

Club Herbert has been updated!

star wars takeover 2013 clubherbert final

-Dj Pingy8


New EPF Message!

New EPF message from Jet Pack Guy!

aug 16


“Great work agents. Darth Herbert and the Empire have been defeated. Take a break. You deserve it.”

Jet Pack Guy


It’s good that we’ve finally defeated Darth Herbert! 😀

-Dj Pingy8


New EPF Message!

New EPF message from the Director!

aug 9

“Agents. The data has been analyzed and we’ve found the Death Star’s weakness. Get to Yavin 4 and take the space station down.”



I have already successfully destroyed the Death Star!

-Dj Pingy8

Star Wars Takeover 2013 Yavin 4 Cheats!

Yavin 4 has now been unlocked!

yavin 4 unlocked yay

Click on Yavin 4 to travel there!

mission part 3

Princess Cadence will then speak to you!

princess cadence 7

Here we are on Yavin 4!

yavin 4

Click on the X-Wing and Defeat TIE Fighters!

defeat TIE fighters game

Click on Level 1!

level 1

Instructions: Use the arrow keys to steer and the spacebar to shoot!

how to play

playing defeat TIE fighters

Level 1 complete!

level 1 complete

You can earn the Yavin 4 Background, the X-wing Helmet and the Members Only X-wing Pilot Costume by completing all of the levels!

3 levels completed

After completing all of the levels, the Death Star will be destroyed!

death star desotroed

Princess Cadence will then speak to you again! The Rebel Reward Medal will be added to your inventory!

princess cadence 8

Also, the final part of the Star Wars Takeover catalog has been unlocked!

august 8 star wars takeover catalog unlocked

-Dj Pingy8