Daffodaily5’s Featured Fashion: May 6th!


You guys submitted so many amazing super hero names to the last Featured Fashion! Do you all have super-powers of creativity? Because that’s what it seems like to me! Here are last week’s heroes:

featured fashions may 6 #1

And here are some of my favourite names:
Dome C thought the super hero dog, 0vicky, should be named Prowess!
Chills16751 suggested Emperor Pegi  should be called L.A.S.E.R. (Light, Action, Sonic, Emperor, Radioactive)! 
Both Firecaster and Flippy01h suggested the name Frozen Rainbow for Houdini2!
I loved Rainbowy483’s name for Pingwan2004’s superhero: The Master of Shadow. Mysterious!

Totally brill names! Everyone whose suggestion got picked has been given 1000 coins. This week, we’ve got two more super heroes for you…

featured fashions may 6 #2

Poppycat125 is ready for action! Her colour-coordinated outfit and those comfy Puffle Trainers were a great choice. Both heroes and villains will be stunned by her amazing style!

Never fear, Plicky1 is here – and is ready to fix up any damage the villains’ robots have done. With his hard hat and construction power gloves, the city will be repaired in no time!

Comment below with super names for Poppycat125 and Plicky1, and once again, the best suggestions will get 1000 coins. Why not tell us your super hero name, too?

Until next time – byeee!

– Club Penguin Team

By Daffodaily5


Poppycat125 should be called “The Purple Striker” and Plicky1 should be called “The Constructor”!

-Dj Pingy8


Reviewed By You: Robots!


Last week we asked why you think Herbert stole the hot sauce. It’s amazing to see what skilled agents like you can come up with – we got a ton of brilliant theories! This is what Echo006 thinks Herbert is up to:

I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce, so he could heat up the island from underground, therefore melting all the snow on our island! I think that Herbert has many plans: he will smash all of our igloos, he will shovel all the snow away and he will tip the iceberg. This will cause chaos, so that’s why we need the EPF!

Absolutely, Echo006! Whatever Herbert’s up to, we’re going to need highly skilled agents to stop him. We’ve added 10,000 coins to your account!


rev by you robots

Now, let’s talk robots! Super Villains are busy building their robot forces.

Now we want to know, if you could make a robot, what would it look like? And what kinds of things could it do?

We’ll pick one of our favorite robo-comments to post on the blog next week!

Waddle On…
-Club Penguin Team

By Polo Field


If I could build a robot, It would have giant claws and it would jump really high! 😉

-Dj Pingy8