Step Right Up! The Fair is Coming

That’s right! The Fair returns to Club Penguin in February.

We know how much everyone enjoys this party and winning those tickets. So, we’ve got some returning goodies, as well as some amazing new features!
Here’s a little look at what the team is working on:
step right up the fair is coming
Stay tuned, we’ve got more info and a sneak peek coming soon!

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
By Polo Field
Can’t wait! 😀
-Dj Pingy8

The Spoiler Alert Will Return February 3!

Yep! Just like the title says — The Spoiler Alert will return next Monday, February 3! Megg is editing the video so it promises to be…interesting.

Here’s a little sneak peek:
the spoiler alert will return feb 3
We’d like to take this time and get some of your feedback. What have been your favorite segments of The Spoiler Alert so far? Do you have any suggestions for future episodes?

Let us know in the comments!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
By Polo Field
My favourite segment has got to be Statue Roommates! 😀
-Dj Pingy8

Go Back in Time – Prehistoric Party Coming Soon!

Some of you may remember the Prehistoric Party from last year. Well, we dug it up, and are bringing it back! It’s going to have tons new stuff to discover and some old favorites. So here’s a sneak peek at some of the concept art for this party.

go back in time prehistoric party coming soon

This party promises to be larger than life! What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
By Polo Field
Can’t wait!
-Dj Pingy8

Coins for Change Begins Soon!

Hello Penguins!

Every year, millions of penguins donate billions of virtual coins to show their support for real world causes. I hope you’ve all been saving up those coins… because Coins for Change is almost here!
This year, we’re doing things a bit different. We started thinking about how the Holidays bring people together… when you work together you can make big things happen! We’ve decided that instead of 3 separate donation boxes, why not work together to support 10 projects! As you donate virtual coins, you’ll help us unlock each project.
Here’s a sneak peek of what the donation meter will look like:
coins for change begins soon
I can’t wait to get this started! I know we can all work together and make this happen.

Whaddya think? How many coins have you saved up so far?
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
By Polo Field
Can’t wait for Coins For Change! :mrgreen:
-Dj Pingy8